Videos: Promotional / Cinematic / Drone / Animation / Original Music

Let me put you and what you do in the best possible light.

Iím a storyteller.

You have a story to tell.

Together, we can let the world see what you offer so that it gets more attention.

Letís get started...
The process is simple.

You call me and I will put my 30 years of marketing and business development together for you to learn from you about how to best present your story.
Itís likely more affordable than you think.

Whether itís for your business, real estate, an organization, a campaign, or simply an idea that you wish to promote, I can help.

Call me, Brett, at 832-226-5300.

Video for a Texas state house candidate.

Video for a medical professional who does EKG training.
I traveled to California, shot the necessary footage in a day and a half, and delivered the final video three days after returning to my office.

Video for write-in congressional candidate.
Used the audio recorded to also make a 30-second radio ad.

Promotional video for a client with a consulting business.

The process begins with a storyboard and concept shots, followed by a script.

This process is collaborative, with the client giving feedback and approval, each step of the way.

30-second TV ad for a commercial home builder.

Introductory video for a U.S. Senate candidate.

City council candidate.

Call me at (832) 226-5300 when you're ready to discuss what's possible for your video!

Proudly serving Texas,
and areas beyond Texas upon request.

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